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Copywriting for Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurs

We are the makers. The Artisans. The Creators. Authentic souls. You’ve crafted your dreams.

Let me craft your story.


What do you make? Is it a delectable dining experience that transports people to faraway worlds on the magic carpet of their taste buds? Do you craft artisanal charcuterie so friends and family can come together for an intimate night of laughter and love? Have you transformed your homebrewing dream into unique and robust flavors that have people cozying up to a warmly polished bar for sips and conversation?

Whether you create in the kitchen, the garage, a craft room, or someplace else, you are a maker. You make experiences for people, you make authentic creations that delight your customers, and you make your dreams come true.

What can I make for you?

  1.  More time

  2.  More Value

  3.  More reach

Hey there! I’m Nikki, your personal copywriter. I craft the words to tell your story. I have a passion for authenticity, and I’ve seen more and more people putting their authentic selves into creating their dreams from the ground up. Whether it’s grass fed meats from a local butcher, hand thrown pottery, locally foraged mushrooms, or hand poured candles, I want to help you spread your passion like a glitter bomb.


Image by S Migaj


Time is our most precious resource and the only thing we can't get more of. As a creator, your time is even more precious. Imagine being able to spend more time doing what you love with the people you love. As a copywriter for creatives, I help you get your time back. I help with the written work of your business so you can spend your time on the important things. Get more time to pursue your passions and do what you really love to do: create.


No one likes to talk about money, but it's an important part of your business. Professional copywriting brings more value to you and your customers. When you clearly communicate the value of your creativity, you help your customers connect to you and your work.

Image by Andrew Seaman
Image by Toa Heftiba


As a creator, you know how important it is to expand your reach. Share your creative works with more people and watch your business grow. Creative copywriting can help you get there. We will work together to create a targeted strategy to help you reach more people with your creative projects.



I scroll, you scroll, we all scroll until something catches our attention and we STOP. We read. Blogs and articles are the best way to stop the mindless scrolling (no judgment, we've all done it), capture new potential clients, and draw them in. SEO researched blogs and articles bring you more attention and get your story out there

$200/1000-1200 words


Keep in touch with your customers with email sequences. Newsletters, special offers, and regular updates keep you connected. My favorite time of the week is when my local butcher sends out the Weekly Updates and I get to drool over dinner possibilities. Imagine your customers craving your communications...

Starting at $50 per email


In this digital age, your website is your business card. It shows people who you are, what you do, and that you’re a legitimate badass. Did I say badass? I meant business… Your website not only provides an online home for your business, it also helps your customers easily find you and good SEO and keywords will help your site be easier to find when they do a search.

Starting at $300


Need to add some pizzazz to your product descriptions? Catchy descriptions help customers visualize exactly what they are buying. This makes them want it even more! Perfect for an Etsy shop, menu, or your business website, product descriptions don’t just paint a picture, they also are a great place to blend some keywords and get your items noticed!

$45/description (minimum 5)

Need something you don't see here? I'm happy to create a custom package just for you!




Copywriter for Creatives

I started copywriting in 2011. During that time, I focused mainly on blog articles and press releases for bars and restaurants around the country. In 2016, I left copywriting to fully pursue teaching, and I have been a high school English teacher ever since. My biggest passion in the classroom has been creating engaging lessons that capture my students' attention and get them invested in their learning. Believe me, getting 9th graders to love Romeo and Juliet is no small feat! Things have now come full circle as I return to my copywriting roots and my passion as a writer. I'm excited to create with you!

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